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KWKB is a full power, high definition broadcast station serving Eastern Iowa. Take advantage of advertising on broadcast television without breaking your entire budget.

KWKB's sales staff is equipped with knowledgeable, success oriented and goal driven people. The sales team can tailor successful advertising packages that work with any budget.

KWKB-TV's advertising efforts netted a succes rate of 93% for local advertisers in 2011. This includes advertisers with budgets as small as $100/month and as large as thousands of dollars per month.

This success has lead to KWKB's creation of their "Hall of Fame Partners" program, which allows current advertisers to earn additional air time by referring new businesses to advertise on KWKB. Several of KWKB's advertisers even sell the station on its behalf.

The key to KWKB's success is the demo it reaches and the frequency it allows for the price. KWKB is a CW Network affiliate. The CW Network is the only network delivering efficiencies among female viewers 18-34 and adults 18-49, arguably the most important audience targeted for advertising. The frequency for the price available allows clients to not only "reach" their target consumer, but to "teach" them. Own your market category on KWKB for a price that may only get you a piece of it anywhere else.

Television is still the most popular medium for advertising. Take advantage of an affordable and very effective local outlet to grow your business.

For New Advertisers
KWKB is always running special promotional packages for advertisers who are new to advertising on television. To find out more, call 319-643-5952

Primary Contact for Local Advertisers:
Dawn Neal

Primary Contact for National Advertisers:
Dawn Neal
Business Administrator

Primary Contact for Paid Programming:
Trish Wethington
Traffic Manager

Creative Services Department
KWKB offers a full production department to create commercials for local advertisers. Don't let not having a commercial stop you from pursuing TV advertising. KWKB will produce your commercial from the ground up, entirely from scratch, to fit exactly what you need.
Antenna TV 20.2
The CW
KWKB-TV: 1547 West Branch, Iowa 52358 -- Phone 319 643-5952 -- Fax 319 643-3124
KWKB-TV is a full-power, high definition broadcast station serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo and Dubuque as an affiliate of The CW Network. KWKB launched in 1999 and has been a CW Network affiliate since 2006, formerly an affiliate of The WB.